IN 5

IN 5: Productivity Tool and IN 5: Productivity Tool Pro are Android Apps used to help your productivity and fight procrastination!

It's a timed browser that's targeted at limiting your web session so that you don't get stuck in between tasks.

After 5 minutes your browsing session is purged! No history, no cache, no going back. It is a very simple app that is not designed to be a browser replacement, but provide you an option to have a productive browsing session.

Since it was first designed, built and published we have worked hard on improving the design and getting the brand name some attention in the tech media. It has received great reviews from multiple sources and received "Indie App of the Day" title from Android Authority.

To highlight each of these publications they will be included below as I am proud of what IN 5 has achieved particularly as the first SarioDev Android App.

The Managing Editor at Ausdroid wrote a very nice article about IN 5 "Stop procrastinating with the IN 5 Browser Recplacement" -

IN 5 also received a 5 star rating from AndroidAppsReview "Never waste another minute again, rid yourself of procrastination"

 The app is supported from Android 2.2 Froyo+ and for thousands of Android Devices!

IN 5 Productivity Tool was selected as Indie App of the Day by Android Authority -"Helpful for those who know they lack the self control"

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