10Up Number Puzzle Game

A fun and addictive make 10 game that freezes your brain at first but keeps you engaged and challenged!

The game is simple - Combine 4 numbers to make 10. This is called a 10Up and you get bonus points for getting multiple in a row.
The first example is 2048. To solve the first puzzle it's simply 4-2+0+8 = 10. Easy right? Here's the kicker - you must do this against the clock and not all puzzles are solvable! You get 5 skips during your game to use when you get stuck - but use them wisely as you only have 5.

If you're new to this concept try out the easy mode first and be sure to check out the help. If you're feeling confident though, connect with Play Game Services and compete with your friends and the world with the online Leaderboards. Many are playing everyday - including yours truly and you can try to beat me!

If you're still thinking about downloading this app read the article on SoldGame.com
★"Number puzzle game that will rival the likes of 2048" - Soldgame.com

10Up was also "Game of the Day" on Intelectuapp.com, you can see the post here.

Perhaps you're the type of person that wants to complete games or beat them there are many achievements included to keep you challenged including some different ways to play the game.

This app is based on an informal game on the train where the 4 numbers are actually the ID's of each train car/carriage.
Ausdroid's article "Australian puzzle game puts #cityrail110 on your phone" covers 10Up well and is a well written review.
★"A neat way to pass time on the train" - Ausdroid.net

In America there have been some players now learning the 10Up game and one video review walks you through the game. Check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SLHhD3WaPk
★"Great way to recharge your brain, keep your brain fresh" - GiveMeApps.com

If you're on Windows 8 you'll be happy to know that 10Up is also available on the Windows Store

10Up is also on social media so connect with us on Facebook