Monday, 23 October 2017

Moar Blogs ! - Engineering Blog?

It's all in the title.

I've been working on a whole bunch of small projects throughout the years, many of which I have shared and had great discussions with people in the past.

Well it turns out that at the end of the day, my favorite topic that's embedded in all my project is Engineering, which turns out to be also what I'm good at.

As I've developed as an Engineer my side projects have been a part of that growth and also been a creative outlet. Daily I teach other up and coming engineers what I know whilst at the same time honing my skills. Thinking back I believe it's starting to get to the point where I want to discuss more with other engineers and also share what knowledge I can as well.

Now I follow many engineers, big engineering projects and listened to a few podcasts and followed some engineering focused Facebook pages, but I still feel there's many gaps.

I believe that engineering is the best job in the world and if this type of discussion interests you, feel free to contact me. I've worked with quite a wide range of engineers and whilst my experience is increasing, I'm still quite connected with engineers who are just starting their studies in the topic and also freshly graduated engineers too.

I'm keen to help solve problems, answer questions and also give some tips that will help you grow as an Engineer.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

SarioDev Submits Rejected Basketball to Android Play Store!

Public Announcement

Exciting News! I have just published Rejected Basketball to the Play Store. After a successful initial testing round, I am proud to announce Rejected Basketball will be coming to Android!

Other platforms to follow.

Ballers, NBA fans and all casual gamers alike are anticipating the release of this app. Don't miss out on your chance to be one of the first to play this game. Get in NOW.

Stay posted here on SarioDev Apps, or follow our Facebook Page.

#Rejected Basketball

The app will appear on the SarioDev apps play store page.

Progress Report

As promised, here's some insider information for those developers out there, or simply people interested in this app projects progress.

To get from the previous blog post, to today's release involved the following:

  • Beta testing
  • Feedback rounds
  • Updating of the logo
  • Adding  a Start Screen
  • Cleaning up the block power label
  • Creating several audio clips
  • Preparing screenshots
  • Preparing marketing pieces

 You notice that most of the above items have nothing to do with coding. Which brings forward the different facets involved with app development beyond the programming. I personally enjoy developing all aspects of the app, including audio, graphics, content, coding, marketing and publishing.

All these aspects take time and I use my spare time to work on it, but I enjoy it and hope that my apps can be enjoyed by all.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Developing a suitable background for your app. Beta testers wanted !

As promised from the previous blog post I will share some insight to the background created for the App and any progress and updates.

The Background

I initially created a background with circles and added some white flashes to give the look of a crowd with photos. Turns out this was distracting in practice to the actual app.

I decided to put a little more detail in the crowd (only slightly) to even out the look. I started by stripping down an individual character to his head, arms and torso.
I also made it in different shades and sizes, with one variant with arms raised as if to be cheering.
You can use any vector graphics designer for your drawings, but I use Visio (not ideal but I'm pretty proficient) I've learnt over time that it's more about preference. If it turns out looking good that's just on the designer.

Anyway, after I got a few sprites, I simply created a row of them and layered them. Slightly different shades to add contrast, and built entire rows from there. You can see the screenshot below to see the improvement.

Lastly, I put it back into the main scene in unity and it looks alot better. I created 2 frames so I could add in some slight movement to the crowd. But that's all that is necessary for this casual app.

The next step is to amp up some marketing including the logo and preparing some screenshots etc as the base app is ready. With that being said, beta testing is upon us!

Beta Testers

Interested in seeing how the app has turned out so far? I am now looking for the first round of beta testers !
To sign up or show your interest leave a comment or enter your email address at the top bar of  the SarioDev website. I look forward to getting people involved and feedback!

The app is called Rejected Basketball and you can stay up to date on social media on our RejectedBasketball fan page. You can also go there to see highlights of some of the best blocks around!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rejected Basketball App ready for NBA Playoffs

Here's the latest update of  the Rejected Basketball App. After spending some time developing and learning Unity 5 I've finally got in some physics to make the game work. I'm quite impressed with the ability to export to multiple platforms and I've now tested on both iPhone and Android.

So far I've built some sprites, used the splicer got in a backboard and a ring, tracking for the ball going through the hoop for scoring. I've got in colliders for counting blocks made by the player and the jumping of the main character. I got in some basic animations for the basketball, the main character sprite, the net for the ball swishing through.

If you see the screenshot of the game above, its coming together, but I would like to bring the crowd alive. My next post I'll share how I'm going to do this.

Next up I'm going to revamp all the graphics. Which is becoming more important as I start to promote the Rejected App. Check out the Facebook Page.

If you have any suggestions, just let me know.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Unity 5 Experimentation - Sariodev

I spent around 10 minutes playing with Unity 5 and just using some in built models I've managed to apply some 2D physics and make a plane jump up and down whilst a car jumps towards it.

This was just step one to try and manipulate a couple things. Next step is to build all the graphics for the game so that I can import them to the project. For some initial vector based graphics I'm using Visio and then to clean it up, particularly for the game background I will be using GIMP. The idea is to use very basic graphics to fit this 2D style game to appeal to casual gamers. The app is not going to be your typical basketball app. Here's a sneak peek into some of the concept art.

As I build this game I will continue to share my game development progress and who knows, maybe I can have a beta out relatively quickly.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Building Mobile Apps with Unity 5

The next addition to the SarioDev Apps suite is coming soon and this time, this app will have a game engine behind it to bring a better game experience.

After learning mobile development in iOS, Android and Windows it's come to a point where time consumption becomes more and more prevalent. In this case I need a solution with one code base that is compatible with all the platforms I want to target.

So enter Unity 5. I decided on Unity 5 because of 3 simple reasons; firstly, it's currently free! (Unless I make over $100k with app in fiscal year - here's hoping), next it can deploy to all platforms and lastly I can develop in C#.

I've started learning with the following tutorial titled "cloney bird" - which I've found very useful.

I'll be updating here with some graphics and progress. If I use any other tutorials I'll include it as well.

For the curious, if you've made it this far, the next app will be titled "Shot Blocker" and will be initially available on Android.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

IN 5 Coming to iPhone

Tomorrow marks the day when development of IN 5 for iPhone begins !
Definitely looking forward to it. But how did I finally get to the stage where I was ready to start developing it?

After previously reviewing the possibility of learning Swift I decided to just start building with Objective-C. As I've started learning XCODE and using the Apple side of development I'm starting to build some level of familiarity with it. Of course my experience has primarily been in C# for Windows Platform and Java for Android. The development approach is more similar in these 2 in comparison with iPhone.

What I must say is that I have adapted to the storyboard approach and segue/view controllers etc and as IN 5 is a minimalist app I should have no problems building the skeleton. The design and theme are built in the Android version so IN 5 should be coming soon.

If you don't know what IN 5 is you can check it out here on SarioDev Apps site and if you have an Android device you can download it on the Android Play Store.

Happy developing all!